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About Diane Neal
Born on 17 November 1976 in Alexandria, Virginia; the United States of America, Diane Neal didn't start out as an actress. Having begun as a model, Diane began University at sixteen as a pre-med before transitioning to acting. Diane is best known for the role of Dr. Elizabeth Blaine in Dracula: Ascension, and its sequel Dracula: Legacy. Diane had a series of smaller roles in episodic television before landing the part of Amelia Chase in the third season episode Ridicule in the procedural Law & Order: Special Victims Unit before graduating to ADA Casey Novak from season five through nine, then returning for guest starring roles in seasons twelve and thirteen. Diane then landed the role of Special Agent Abigail Borin of the United States Coast Guard in the CBS whodunnit series NCIS. Diane has also played Cynthia Sheridan in STARzTV's Power and as Attorney Allison Holt in the series White Collar. Diane is divorced from Marcus FitzGerald and has three puppies named Father Ted, Winnie Rosenbaum and Charlie Chappy. Diane gives her time to several charities including The American Legacy Foundation to help women try to stop smoking, and to the Leukemia Foundation due to the death of her older sister of the disease. Diane is the youngest of three daughters including a surviving sister named Erin. Diane's father is Christopher and is a United States Federal Attorney, and her mother Colleen is a math professor. If you're a fan of Diane's please consider joining.


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